This PhD summer school aims at training PhD students in an emergent area, which concerns the use of Big Data and Machine Learning in geosciences. It will include lectures concerning: role of data in engineering and research practices in geosciences, progresses used in data collection in geosciences (remote monitoring, smart monitoring, open data, social media, mobile applications,..), use of BigData and Machine Learning in problem solving, application of BigData and Machine Learning in geosciences.

This summer school will provide to PhD students both the basics of BIgData and Machine Learning as well as their effective use in engineering and research.


The summer school is based on lectures and discussions supported by movies and data concerning real smart infrastructures projects. During this summer school, participants will work on group projects for the design of a “smart solution” for an urban infrastructure.

Application,  & Fees:

The fees of this summer school are 300 €. They cover launches, coffee break, dinner gala and documentation.

Application: Send CV and motivation letter to isam.shahrour@univ-lille.fr




Courses description

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